4. FISTS KEYNOTE - Issue 4/2012 "In Pursuit of the Ultimate CW Credential"

FISTS is a very worthy organization and deserves all the support it can get from those of us who do not believe that Morse is "old technology."  Rather, Morse represents a link to the historic wireless past.  Morse is a challenge.  It requires dedication and perseverance to become really fluent.  In return for expending some effort, Morse gives back to us the ultimate in simple, effective, and efficient communications.
Modern communications technology offers wonderful choices.  But we don't have to throw the baby out with the bath water.
More information about FISTS is available at:  www.fists.org
The following article was published in "The Keynote", Issue 4, 2012. This is the newsletter of the FISTS CW Club - The International Morse Preservation Society. 
This same article was published by the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) and titled: "Get Your Commercial Radiotelegraph Certificate"  It might be easier to read the article here: 
MRHS is one of my favorite historical sites to support.  They are composed of all volunteers out in Point Reyes, CA at the old KPH coastal station which is now the very last coastal station that still operates on the commercial maritime frequencies as well as amateur radio station K6KPH.  Visit their site at: http://www.radiomarine.org/  and maybe, if you can, toss a couple bucks their way in honor of the generations of high seas and coastal CW operators who contributed so much to wireless history.