6. QST - 03/2013 "The 11 Square Foot Ham Shack"

Retirement is GREAT!  The kids are all grown up now with families of their own.  The XYL and I finally own our lives again!  One of the most brilliant things we did shortly after retirement was to unload the big house and all that land and downsize into a comfortable townhouse.  Yes, I lost my tower and beam but, as that old saying goes, when  one door closes, often another one opens.
In my case, the door that opened was to QRP and simple wire antennas that don't attract too much attention.   I've been having a ball and I feel like a new ham every time my tiny signal spans the Pacific, hops the pole, lands in South Africa, or heads south to the Antarctic. 
The big challenge for me was *where* do I put my "shack".  The extra bedroom was off limits because we have four grandchildren and that had to remain a viable bedroom.
So...I recon'd the whole house and ended up building my "shack" as I wrote in the following article.  Hope it gives you some ideas for your own situation. 
Permission has been granted by ARRL to publish the following March 2013 QST article on the author's personal website. To view the complete article, click on:   https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B436mRzFO2HGTmZSNEEySFUtZ3c/edit