Primary Station

My present operating position is simple yet effective and serves both my QRO and QRP needs.  The transceiver is a Kenwood TS-890S powered by a quiet Samlex 1235M supply.  The laptop computer is useful for QRZ lookups, prop checking and LoTW.  I don't do digital.  I don't own a mic.  I am a 100% CW operator and my copy is by ear and my sending is by bug, cootie or paddle.  Most of my operating is QRP and when I do increase power I rarely find it necessary to exceed 20 or 30 watts.  CW is a very effective and efficient mode.  It's what has appealed to me most in my 55 years as a licensed ham so I don't expect there's much chance I'll be abandoning CW in this lifetime.   The bug is a 1938B McElroy Deluxe MAC.   The paddle is a spring return KN4YB iambic with a custom 1" OTO.

Although I live within certain antenna restrictions in our retirement townhome community, I am fortunate to have the HOA's permission to have an outside antenna.  I only have one antenna and it's a good one!.  My antenna is a MyAntenna's EFHW4010 End Fed erected as Inverted 'L'.  It is 30' above ground.  Several days of testing, using Reverse Beacon Network, produced consistently good SNR reports using 10 watts.  Modeling shows this configuration produces very low takeoff angles for 20 meters and above and a nice omnidirectional pattern for 40 meters.  The last picture in the series below shows a 2.5" Mix 31 toroid with eight turns of RG8x through it right at the coax switch.  This effectively kills the common mode current inherent in any end fed wire.  This antenna is resonant on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters and tunes 30, 17 and 12 with my MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner.