Primary Station

My present operating position is simple yet effective and serves both my QRO and QRP needs.  The transceiver is a ICOM 7300 powered by a quiet Samlex 1235M supply.  The laptop computer is useful for QRZ lookups, prop checking and LoTW.  I don't do digital.  I don't own a mic.  I am a 100% CW operator and my copy is by ear and my sending is by bug, cootie or paddle.  Most of my operating is QRP and when I do increase power I rarely find it necessary to exceed 20 or 30 watts.  CW is a very effective and efficient mode.  It's what has appealed to me most in my 55 years as a licensed ham so I don't expect there's much chance I'll be abandoning CW in this lifetime.   Although I live with certain antenna restrictions in our retirement townhome, I am fortunate to have the HOA's permission to have an outside antenna.  I have only one antenna but it's sure a good one!  It's a MYANTENNAS EFHW4010 that's 63' long and erected as an Inverted "L" between my back deck and a tall pine tree.  It's 30' above ground and it works just fine and dandy for me.  With my MFJ Versa Tuner, I can tune all bands from 80 through 10 meters including the WARC bands.  The antenna is resonant on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.