Primary Station

QRP holds a special attraction for me and I've operated QRP for decades, earning QRP DXCC, QRP WAC, all states, plenty of sought-after DX...and even scored well in contests.  In my 55+ years as a ham, I've had my towers and beams, plenty of equipment and plenty of power.  I've owned plenty of boat anchors as well as every transceiver Elecraft marketed up to the K3S.

But in November of 2017 I decided to get back to that which I am really most interested in and which has always given me the greatest pleasure - plain and simple HF QRP CW with a simple wire antenna.

My station now consists of an Elecraft K2/10 hooked up to a 63 foot MyAntenna's 40-10 Meter End Fed wire configured as an inverted U.  My paddle is an old Arizona SQRPions (#691) which I built many years ago, a homebrew Cootie made from a hacksaw blade and a Vibroplex Presentation bug.

I write my log entries into an ARRL logbook and my laptop computer is only used to update LoTW, check the Reverse Beacon network and look up calls on QRZ.

I operate totally from an SLA battery.  Life couldn't be better!  Take a look at my station and my antenna.